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I'd like to thank everyone who has visited my page and checked out my work. Thanks for helping me hit 8k page views!!!

Perhaps a contest will be in order for the 10k mark. :ninja:

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Happy Holidays All,

A few people have asked if I do commissions. I'm super busy with my graphic novel but for a short period of time I will be accepting commissions so if you've ever wanted to see my rendition of your fave character drop me a note for details.

All the best,

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I'm selling some original art on ebay... hoping to get some X-Mas money and add to my OGN war chest.

So please check out my auctions and bid if you want to kick some cash to the cause..

Best Peeps

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Am I the only one that is noticing that DA has been tripp'n..seems like it's always taking a long time to update.

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Hey All,

I hope everyone has a safe and great Thanksgiving.

I'm listing a few things I'm thankful for.

Yams..cuz they taste good

Comic Books...because they have given me so much joy

My Mac...because it gives me so much entertainment.

DA ..because it's a distraction from work

The Lakers...because they are fun to watch and they remind me of watching games with my grandfather has given me a place in the world and a means to express myself. I look at art as a gift...a gift I am thankful for.

Living another day...I'm thankful I get to keep going. When I was born I had three heart attacks and I've always felt I'm living by the grace of God. For everyday I'm alive..I am truly thankful.

Feel free to list what you are thankful for here..and please pass the gravy..the turkey is a little dry...




Mon Nov 13, 2006, 1:11 AM
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For those of you who left me msgs in the last week or so..sorry I didn't get back to you..for some reason every time I would DA account would show an error msg..



please don't think I'm rude..



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Am I stuck in the 90's

Mon Nov 6, 2006, 9:20 AM
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I've been posting my work on DA for awhile now..I've have a few people mention that my artwork is very "90's"

Which made me think of how everyone says John Byrne is dated..

I don't feel like my work is dated got me thinking..

Am I stuck in the 90's? and I just don't realize it?

And here I was thinking  the Ameri-Manga thing was dead...and we were at the tail end of the hyper-photo referenced Ultimates era?

I feel like my work has changed a lot since the 90's...but maybe it still looks the same way to other people.

Is the 90's style dead?

Does style really matter in today's market?..because the fan base is so scattered..

am I over the hill and should give up and try another line of work?


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Warmed Up Yet?

Sun Nov 5, 2006, 3:40 PM
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I often do warm up drawings before I settle into a page...

It's a joy to work on them because I don't care if they suck...

Days sometimes months later I'll look back at them and I'll find something interesting in there...sometimes a little thumbnail of a layout or a costume or a spaceship..sometimes just and expression or pose.

I'm a firm believer in drawing everyday...I just wish I would actually draw in my sketchbook..I end up drawing on napkins and copy paper..I have to paste the drawings in afterwards...

My Question for you is:

What kind of warm up rituals do you have?

I knew an artist that would spend his first hour at the table sharpening pencils and cleaning brushes..

Another guy I knew would look at comics to get hyped before he drew...

It takes all kinds..

drop your science on the pregame workout of the artiste'



my latest warm up..that went way too far...make sure and check out the full view..


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Wed Nov 1, 2006, 3:43 AM
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I had two concerns this evening:

1.) Increase tooth decay amongst the children in the surrounding neighborhood.

2.) Watch the Kobe-less Lakers battle it out with the Suns.

That being said I came home and got ready for the siege of lil' "Treaters" as I like to call them.

Let the battle for candy begin!!!

just than...I heard a beat...


a beat the distance...

In the words Jack Skellington

"What's This!!!"

I went outside and my neighbors kid had brought his set of turntables onto the porch and was dropping some Pharell and Snoop cuts..

you know..."for kids"

I rolled up on him just to see what was "crak'n".

The kid weighs a good 250ty and that's being kind...

but there he was cutting it up on the wheels of he wanted to win the Technics Dj contest...

he sort of hung over the a willow tree...

a big fuck'n willow tree

I introduced myself and said what's up.

He seemed worried I was going to bust up his show...

He said

"Ahm jus out he-ah giv'n som canD' too da kids and play'n some tracks"

and yes that's a quote...and you can quote me on the quote...

I gave him a ok playa pound and I was back to the crib to settle in for the battle..

first off..I felt like I was in a cross between Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean ..because I have never seen so many tiny pirates in all my life...

I saw a kid in a Tigger suit..and yo this kid had a fuck'n goatee...WTF

There was another kid dressed up like the soda cup from Aqua Teen Hunger Force...

These two kids showed up one as Dash from Incredibles and the older one as the Flash...the little one was already tearing up the chocolate...

I swear the kid looked like he had taken a bath in Snickers bars...

he even had chocolate on his belly that was sticking out of from under the foam muscles...

their dad came as Diniro from Taxi Driver..he seemed really psyched when I guessed it..

...and of course he did the "are you talking to me" bit...

He might have been taxi driver...but he was no Diniro..I'll tell you that for nothing...

I saw some zombies and vampires and witches...

The best one of all was a mom who brought her four daughters (dressed as some strange princess/witch fusion) up and all at once they sang a really long Halloween song..

I actually clapped as they took their bows...

Strange indeed...

62 bags of candy later..

the Lakers beat the Suns!!!.

like I said..




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Print on Demand

Sun Oct 29, 2006, 5:44 PM
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I've noticed a ton of different print on demand book/comic book sites. I'm wondering if any of you have tried any and how do you like them?

holla at me!!!


Meanwhile..some interesting stuff from some interesting people:

black star army cover by bordon     water by kumimonster

Lasers in the jungle somewhere by foureyes     Roses And Tatoos by SABOGSINTIDO

Line Rider - beta by fsk     Pin Up by bw-inc

Pee Wee Herman Fantasy by katat0nik    :thumb39835433:

. blue floating wallpaper . by karincoma    

Mature Content

dryer by JuliaDunin

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Comic Book Sales

Mon Oct 23, 2006, 10:03 AM
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I was looking at the numbers for comics sales in Sep.…

and I was shocked that there were very few non Marvel or DC books in the top 100. There seems to be more books over the 100k mark but many books that are often talked about (Walking Dead, Invincibles) are locked into the barely 20k ghetto. Invincibles is an amazing book and it hits around 14k.

I was doing the math. At those numbers it would be very difficult to make any money off the books.

Maybe none of this is a newsflash but I still find it shocking that some of the best comics being made today are selling such low numbers.

I looked at the graphic novel sales and in the case of Walking Dead it sells exactly half what it sells in floppys in trades but at a higher price...So why not just make Walking Dead OGNs and skip the floppys.

I know Marvel and DC will always be around with their crossovers and events..but where will the indie books go?

The Web or graphic novels?

Indies used to be the minor league for Marvel and DC but as the indies get squeezed out where will new talent get a chance to shine? DA?

Any thoughts on sales trends?

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The Departed

Sun Oct 15, 2006, 11:55 AM
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I checked out the movie "The Departed" the other night. It was Scoresese's best movie since Good Fellas in my opinion. Lot's of twists and turns and for a jaded viewer like had me guessing the whole time.

Finally making some real progress on my OGN..taking longer than I expected but I'm pulling out all the stops on this one..

I will be posting  the sketch I made for the 5k winner David sometime tomorrow. David asked for a picture of the Red Power Ranger for his after a bit of research and deciding between Mystic and Generic styled Rangers..I found the look I was fun..never drew a Power Ranger before..

After many request's I'm making the last of my Lost Treasures sketchbook available for sale. They are in short supply so you can either note me to purchase a copy. Or take your chances on Ebay.…
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Each sketchbook comes with a free sketch of your choice..just in time for X-mas!!!

that's it for now..

more soon


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That was fast...

So I received an email from David Rudell. Congratulations David!!!

You are the winner of the 5k giveaway!!!

pick a character and I'll draw it for you!

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What happened..

My page view...was at 4700 earlier I guess someone power viewed....???

So word is bond...the first person to send me a screen shot of the 5k mark will get a free sketchbook and postcard sized original drawing...

The deadline is midnight PST...on Weds...If I don't receive an exact 5k screen shot..I will accept anything between 5000 and 5020. So kick it over and I will sort out the winners and announce is post haste..

good luck
I'm closing in on the big 5k page views. I'm going to hold some sort of "art giveaway" contest for the first person to send me an email of a screen shot of the 5K on my homepage...

Any suggestions for what the "giveaway" should be?

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  • Watching: Who watches movies..I read fucking comics!!!
There is this site from this cat in Portugal.

You can draw and post your own comics right there on the site. It's in Beta..but what an interesting idea. i know they have oekaki out there..but I think this takes it to a whole other level.

What if rather than print or do comics in a traditional way..

you just log on..draw your panels them

...move on...

It could be to comics what MYSPACE and DA have been to Web pages and portfolios..

Dig it

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I uploaded two "Sneak Peek" images from my new graphic novel 88.

I've been keeping it under wraps because I want all the images to be fresh when they come out.

I've been asked a lot about it lately

...I think maybe people don't believe me when I say I'm working on something new...hehehe

so here's the proof!!!

Check out the links below

More info soon!!!


Pencils for the cover…

Dream Sequence!!!…
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Like most artists I like to work to music.

I've found that when I get the right set of tunes it helps me to focus and even work longer. It makes the work easier some how.

I think there is a deep connection between visual art and music. (music videos...used to work like this..)

I'm going to release an Ep with my new graphic novel. It will have songs I've created to go along with my story and setting. I'm trying to change the comic experience...bring a different layer of depth to it..

Does the type of music influence what you draw?

The more aggressive the music the more aggressive the artwork?

What are you favorites songs from creating artwork?


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With all the coverage of 5th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks everywhere it got me thinking about it..

here are my thoughts...random and from the gut.

..just a few thoughts and opinions..

I enjoy talking politics...but nothing get's people more upset than politics and religion...hopefully my opinions won't offend..

that being said...

I don't think I'll ever forget what happened on 911...I think anybody that needs to be reminded of what happened because it's fallen off their radar somehow.... does not have their head in the game in the first place and do we really care what they are thinking anyway...

The thing I don't like is when something so real..yet surreal is made to be the movies that have come out about it...I know there were heroes..I've seen the footage ..I've read the's like making a movie of the week of a funeral...when the attack was a very personal attack on each and every American..and it should be honored in that fashion..I'm just not into a tear jerking spectacle when it comes to something so..important and so trivializes the importance of the whole issue. If you ever wonder why people in Europe think we are a bunch of yippy kay yah motherfuckers...look at how we deal with our shows a lack of understanding...and I think that coupled with the power we have..scares the shit out of people. As Amercians we have to be better and live up to a higher ideal. Torture..imprisonment without a trial..I can only speak for myself..but that's not my idea of what America is all about. Part of the plot of terrorists was not to just kill as many people as was to change our way of life and change our ideals as people..and in turn lower the worlds opinion of us..that is where the battle is really raging...not on some roadside in Iraq..but in the hearts and minds of the world..and in our souls as Americans. It is often said we are in a battle of cultures..East vs. West and Islam vs. Christian...but we are really in a moral battle between living up to the standards we have set or lowering ourselves to the level of our enemy and than using their behavior as justification. We have already fallen into the will take a deep search of our moral center to find the courage to pull out of it..

The question I ask people who support our current course...what is more important invading Iraq..where almost as many Americans have now died as did during the 911 attack...or capturing Bin Laden...who is still at large?

If a week or a month after 911 the world had seen Bin Laden in chains or dead that would have sent a message that if you attack Americans there will be consequences. Right now terrorists act with impunity because our resources are tied up in Iraq...As much as I like the idea of a "free" Iraq...was it really our job to make it happen? How did it go from searching for WMD's to building a Democratic republic in Iraq? Am I the only one who saw our mission change...and yet what does any of this have to do with capturing the people responsible for 9-11? We should have honored them by bringing their killer to justice...not making a movie out of their/our tragedy..

I was lucky enough to meet special effects guru Stan Winston this week. I had the pleasure of visiting his office/work shop and seeing all the mind blowing stuff he has there. Everything from life size Raptors from Jurrassic Park. To full scale Aliens and Face-huggers. Giant Predators and a full scale T-Rex head that freaked me out. Every version of the Terminators as well as an endless amounts of creatures and monsters from almost every movie you can think of. Being the geek I am I was overwhelmed by all the cool things there. Stan is a great person and an amazing creative talent. The man has an original Frazetta painting in his office. The man knows and appreciates quality and detail. Simply put. Awesome!!!
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