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Putting my commission/sketch cover list together for Wonder Con and Amazing Las Vegas ComicCon. Also arranging pickups at Free Comic Book Day as well. Drop me a msg to secure your spot on the list. 

A new video of me digitally inking a piece. Octopus Ramen optional.


The biggest mistake I see in storytelling and branding is the lack of restraint. Sometimes less is more. The speed that you release information to the consumer of the content is your meta tool. All other techniques and ideas flow through it. Best to make the comings and goings of that information your primary concern. 

A video of me digitally drawing Beastman from MOTU:…
Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope you have a happy and peaceful holiday. More art coming soon.
Check out two new videos I made of digital painting.
Streamed the new NIN. It falls somewhere in between Front 242 and New Order. Different in a good way.
As an artist what's more important, to be successful or great at what you do? 
Beam me up to Koffee and Komics May…
I'll be celebrating Free Comic Book Day by appearing at Phat Collectibles in Huntington Beach on May 4th. I'll be doing free sketches for kids and a few commissions and sketch covers.



See you there!

Hi All,
I'll be at Emerald City Comic Con this coming weekend at table K-15. Come by say hi. I'll be doing sketch covers, commissions, selling prints, comics and original art.

See you in Seattle.

Catching up on all my sketch covers. If I owe you one, this week is the week!
I'll be at AACC next weekend. Doing sketches, commissions and signing and sell my books. If you live in the Phoenix area come by and say hi!

I've not been posting as much lately because I joined the team at Mattel toys as a Senior Designer. I'm finally settling in so I hope to be posting more sketches soon.

I recently started a sketch blog with two of my fellow artists. You can see it here:

More art soon!
If you order a commission through my shopping site before Monday the Dec 17th I'll include a FREE signed copy of my Lost Treasures Art/Sketchbook.
For those of you that draw comics/manga. Do you ever experiment with different sizes for your original art?

I've tried drawing at Manga size which is smaller than American size. It does speed me up but at the same time drawing larger really is easier and the finished product looks better.

I've also been experimenting with Manga Studio. I've done an entire page with it and I came to the conclusion that the tools can be a bit limiting and they generate a style that looks like me but through a filter which comes from the limitations of the tool and drawing with a Cintiq.


A must read for all artists. It's focus is on musicians and downloading music...but the idea of global corporations looking to build the road to your "free" content is staggering.…

It also addresses the various arguments in regards to the justification of stealing content.

This brings up a larger idea of how Social Networks create a forum to "share" work..essentially cutting out the cost of creating content and actually charging the content creator to showcase their work. Sound familiar?

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Santa Karl